ERDA’s 9th reunion Atlanta

ERDA’s 9th fund raising event successfully held in Atlanta

ERDA’s 9th reunion and fund raising event was  held in Atlanta from June 18 to June 20 with a big supporters turnout from all over the globe. ERDA-Atlanta -Tennessee-Kentucky  branches have done an outstanding work in organizing the three day event, the preparation for this amazing event took the team roughly one year. They have reached out to members and supporters of ERDA world wide to take part in the fund raising event, scouted and secured the main event’s hall and organized and prepared all event related functions. This year’s event attendees came from the United States, Canada, England, Australia, and Ethiopia, interestingly ERDA chapters exist and are being formed in almost all of the countries that the attendees came from.

The event raised a gross revenue of $58,915 dollars and a net income of in upwards of $38,000 U.S dollars in cash was collected, this revenue didn’t include DVD sells which is under production. Besides this, Ayte Tadele Abraha an investor and a businessman from Ethiopia who happened to be at the event was so moved by the amazing work ERDA has done so far that he has  generously pledged to finance single-handedly one of ERDA’s project be it the building of a school or a health center, likewise Ayte Birhanu a businessman from Ethiopia, equally moved and impressed by ERDA’s great accomplishment so far, who was in attendance of the event promised that he, along with his colleagues in Ethiopia, would pledge to fully fund one of ERDA’s existing or future project. The news was well received by all that were in the event.

Prior to the main event, the board members met on Friday June 17,2016 to evaluate the overall performance of the organization over the past one year. The board members discussed the activity of each subcommittees at length and suggested  possible improvement measures for a better result.

Some of the key accomplishment are:-

  • ERDA’s Financial Status: The treasurer of ERDA, Mr. Hailekiros Asfaw briefed the board and members on ERDA’s financial statement and auditing.  ERDA’s revenue has grown over the years and is now ready to take even bigger projects.
  • Project follow up committee:-  ERDA’s 5th school project in Chelle completed on time and within budget. The project costed a total of 1.5 million birr ($75,000) the committee thanked the ERDA’s task force in Mekelle for the outstanding job they did to finish the project on time and for spending a lot of their personal time on the project.
  • Chapter formation committee lead by vice president Ato Hailemariam Hagos succeeded in opening new ERDA-branches in US ( California area), strengthening existing branches in Washington DC and Minnesota. And played a key role in opening new branches in Australia, London and Ethiopia.
  • Pencil project committee:-  Pencil project did an outstanding work in the past one year. This committee was formed following the last year’s fund raising event  in Portland, Oregon. Its objective is to collect educational resources donated by members and supporters of ERDA.  In one year the committee lead by Ato Abebe Siyum shipped 3837 pens and pencils, 58 Nike sportswear, 66 files folder, and notebooks.
  • Media and Communication:-  The committee did good job maintaining the official website, informing members and supporters of ERDA with  news, announcement and event updates. ERDA received total cash donation of more than $3000 through its official website. And  Microsoft donated a total of  $3500 through its give program matching the volunteer time spent by  Mr Samson G/Argawi and Mr Berhe Abrha. Social media outreach done by Mr Zenbe Gebremedhin and others to promote the annual event and inform project update were excellent.

Prior to the main event, on the morning of Saturday the 18th, the general assembly was held led by Chairman Hailemariam Aredom involving ERDA board members, chapter leaders, members as well as supporters. The meeting went well over two hours and a wide range of issues and subjects critical to the organization were raised and discussed,

  • Mr Hailemariam briefed the audience on some of the key accomplishment of the various sub-committees in ERDA as stated above.
  • Thanked board members who were ending their term of service as board members. And a voting was done to nominate new board members.
    • Hailemariam Hagos:- Served 2 years and re-elected for 2 more years.
    • Hailekiros Asfaw :-  Served 4 years.
    • Cherkos Desalegn:-  Served 2 years.
    • Berhe Abrha:- Served 2 years and re-elected for 2 more years.
    • Zenebe  Gebremedhin – Served 2 years and re-elected for 2 more years.
    • Mahlet  WoldeMariam :- Served 2 years.
    • Nardos Teumelsan :- Newly elected for board member
    • Kass Taddesse:-  Former president elected for board member.
    •  Tsegay  Yemane:-  Newly elected for board member.

The fundraising event and reunion host of team Atlanta-Tennessee-Kentucky treated attendees and guests to a colorful and amazing evening gala with great Ethiopian food, drinks and traditional Gweyla and Kuda music, involving guests from all over the world.    

Report compiled by Nardos Tuemelsan & Berhe Abrha.

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