Chelle School construction completed

Chelle Elementary School in Sahirti Samre, Tigray Ethiopia was inaugurated on May 20, 2016. Attendees of the event included ERDA -North America delegates, ERDA task force members, distinguished guest Professor Mitiku Haile, residents of Chelle Samere and other invited guests from the region.The event started with opening speech from Memhir Team, Chairman of ERDA’s task force in Mekelle. He stated that total project cost 1.5 Million Birr (around $75,000 US dollars) to complete which was solely funded by ERDA. Following Memhir Team’s opening speech, ERDA’s former Treasurer Mr. Mulugeta Tadele who was present for the inauguration expressed his enthusiasm and as well as all ERDA members feelings and urged Chelle residents to take ownership of the school and take care of it. The completion of Chelle Elementary School marks ERDA’s Fifth project.
Full Event Report
Chelle elementary school has a total of 1600 students enrolled at this time. Before the rebuilding of the school, the classrooms in Chelle had many problems. The school had no adequate classrooms to accommodate the total number of students; the structure of the building was poorly built and was falling apart. Students and teachers had problems with reptiles and rodents which threaten their lives making it hard to focus in school and sometimes hard to enter the classrooms. Students, teachers and parents were grateful to ERDA for having a sound structure that protects them from wild animals and bad weather allowing them to continue their education without fear. ERDA was able to build a total of 8 classrooms, boys and girls facilities, and a small library to house books and educational material. The parameter of the school is fenced with main entrance gate.
The inauguration was eventful with individuals and local business providing financial and material support. Among those, Raya Beer denoted 50 case (50 Kasa) of beers for the event. BGI Ethiopia donated 1530 educational materials. The representative of BGI personally donated new shoes for 250 students. Many individuals who have been following ERDA’s work in the region were pleased by the result. They donated money during the event and have promised to support ERDA to achieve its mission of eradicating illiteracy in the region, and improving the lives of the people of Enderta.
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