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Chelle Elementary school(5th ERDA Project) Adi-Meson

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ERDA's 9th re-union successfully held in Atlanta

ERDA’s 9th reunion and fund raising event was  held in Atlanta from June 18 to June 20 with a big supporters turnout from all over the globe. ERDA-Atlanta -Tennessee-Kentucky  branches have done an outstanding work in organizing the three day event, the preparation for this amazing event took the team roughly one year. They have reached out to members and supporters of ERDA world wide to take part in the fund raising event, scouted and secured the main event’s hall and organized and prepared all event related functions. This year’s event attendees came from the United States, Canada, England, Australia, and Ethiopia, interestingly ERDA chapters exist and are being formed in almost all of the countries that the attendees came from.

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Chelle School construction project completed

Chelle Elementary School in Sahirti Samre, Tigray Ethiopia was inaugurated on May 20, 2016. Attendees of the event included ERDA -North America delegates, ERDA task force members, distinguished guest Professor Mitiku Haile, residents of Chelle Samere and other invited guests from the region.The event started with opening speech from Memhir Team, Chairman of ERDA's task force in Mekelle. He stated that total project cost 1.5 Million Birr (around $75,000 US dollars) to complete which was solely funded by ERDA. Following Memhir Team’s opening speech, ERDA’s former Treasurer Mr. Mulugeta Tadele who was present for the inauguration expressed his enthusiasm and as well as all ERDA members feelings and urged Chelle residents to take ownership of the school and take care of it. The completion of Chelle Elementary School marks ERDA’s Fifth project.

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Chelle School construction project on track for completion Q4 of 2016

ERDA’s 5th project in Chelle, Samere is on track for completion by the end of year (2016). Recently, the school construction site was visited by members of ERDA from USA. Task force committee and supporters witnessed that the structure of the first block is on the verge of completion.

ERDA's 8th fundraising event successfuly held in Portland, OR


The 8th reunion and fundraising event of ERDA was successfully held in Portland Oregon from July 24, 2015 to July 26, 2015 with great attendance by members and supporters of the organization: The Portland branch was able to host an eventful reunion with evening gala, picnic and a second day event dance raising $64,824.21, the highest fundraising event by ERDA thus far, with a net profit of $44,497.90.

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ERDA laid the foundation stone for Chelle elementary school on its 5th project

Chelle Foundation Stone laid

On June 9th, 2015 the Inauguration plaque was unveiled to commemorate the foundation stone laid by Enderta Regional Development Association (ERDA) for Chelle elementary school in Samre located in the district of Saharti-Samre part of the Southeastern Zone (Enderta) administration. The ceremony was officiated by w/ro Aregash Beyene, the administrator for the southeastern zone (Enderta). Chelle is located about 87 KM southwest of Mekelle, almost a two and a half hours drive. The school approximately enrolled about 670 students from Grades 1 to 4 (340 boys and 330 girls) and has 12 staff members.

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Special Announcement to ERDA's 8th fund raising attendees


Pencils seem small and insignificant, yet they play a vital role in the learning process. Students have an on-going demand for them in their educational process. In many parts of the world, owning a pen or pencil is a luxury that some families cannot afford. It is hard to imagine receiving an education without a writing utensil. Education can help achieve success and stability in a person’s life but without the basics, it is so much harder. So, all please bring pens and pencils to donate to our cause. The children appreciate it so much more then you know.

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ERDA-Seattle did BBQ event and signed up 10 new members

Seattle BBQ img

ERDA Seattle-Chapter committee organized a BBQ event for local residents on Sept 14, 2014 in Seward Park. Total of 70 people attended the bbq event. Out of which 40 were already a member of ERDA. Mr. Hailemariam, former chairman of the seattle chapter; have briefed the attendants on current project in Enderta region and results that have been achieved by ERDA over the past few years. 10 new ERDA members have signed up during this event.

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ERDA-6th fund raising event in Las Vegas

Seattle BBQ Img

ERDA Las Vegas Chapter hosted the 6th reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 17th and 18th with an evening gala, an entertaining picnic and a celebration in Axum Restaurant. The event was well beyond expectations by supporters and members from all over the States and Canada. Las Vegas Chapter was able to raise gross $55,758 as the event came to an end. The Las Vegas Chapter and the Board of Directors would like to thank all guests who attended the event and made the event a success. The Las Vegas Chapter also would like to thank all Las Vegas organizations and individuals who put their time, money and effort to make the event a success. We couldn’t have done it without all your support.

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